Dear Sammamish Rotarians,

Look forward to connecting in the New Year! 

Have a wonderful celebration with friends and family this week.  See you in 2019!
 Here’s your weekly update of upcoming club meeting agendas, service opportunities and events calendar. Please sign up for open slots at upcoming meetings and service events if you can help.


Jan 3rd 

  • Greeter: Norm Bottenberg
  • Reception: Joyce Bottenberg + Steven Bozick
  • Raffle Prize: Marcia McAfee
  • Welcome: Steve Danzey
  • Pledge: Kristina Williams
  • Thought for the Day: Marcia McAfee
  • Rotary Minute: Melissa King
  • Classification Interview: TBD
  • Program: Presentation on Ethopia Immunization Trip ~ Paul Patterson
  • AV and PA Setup: Mike Van Schoiack
  • Happy Bucks & Raffle: Jack Sly

Jan 10th 

  • Greeter: Paul Patterson
  • Reception: Open
  • Raffle Prize: Open
  • Welcome: Steve Danzey
  • Pledge: Open
  • Thought for the Day: Open
  • Rotary Minute: Deborah Pavlic
  • Program: Conditions and History of Afghanistan – Dr John Brooke
  • AV and PA Setup: Mike Van Schoiack
  • Happy Bucks & Raffle: Jack Sly



  Don’t forget to make your contribution to the Rotary Foundation.  As a recipient of an RI grant, we want to have 100% participation!  Last day of 2018 is today!

Please sign up to help at future meetings.

Yours in Rotary Service,

Christopher Austin
Rotary Club of Sammamish

425 588 5099

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