Nancy Hughes & Stove Team

by | Sep 15, 2016 | Great Speeches, International Service

Nancy Hughes told us her story behind her founding of the Stove Team International.  It is a great Rotarian story!  She highlighted a problem that we Americans do not relate to – indoor, wood “open pit” fire, chimney less,  cooking.  She showed us a video that says that indoor cooking produces more carbon dioxide that all of the vehicles or factories in the world, and it cause more deaths than malaria.  Nancy has stumbled onto a huge, “under the radar” problem and is doing something substantial about it.  She has started something that needs to be expanded world-wide to reach it’s potential.  This, in my opinion, ranks right up there with the Rotary’s Polio and Malaria projects.  You can read about her story here.  This page includes this videoHere is her organization’s web site.  And this is the video she presented at our meeting.

Here are some other videos about the organization:

Instructions how to use the stove in Spanish?

Stove Team International Volunteer Trip to San Miguel de Allende

Cocinas Ecologicas

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