2016 Songea’s Kids Update

Dec 10, 2016

Linda Hines visited us again with an update on the progress made for Hope Village in southern Tanzania.  Linda explained that when first exploring the possibility of starting a village in Tanzania, she was advised that the prospects for success were not nearly as good in the southern region because of previous bad experience.  That didn’t stop Linda – it has made her success even more meaningful.  Our club approved funding for the well digging and for brick making tools.  The bad news was that there was no water at 140 meters at the original Lutukira site.  A new 30 acre site was picked and water was struck at a little over 100 meters for two wells.  The village was designed and with the help of the brick making tools, the village of Hope is taking shape.  There were very happy dedication celebrations in August captured in this video.

One of the very positive outcomes of Linda’s efforts at Hope Village is that the people can see a future and are working hard to attain it.  They can see the possibility of living off the land with the irrigation water they now have, and they see possibilities of selling bricks to other villages, and helping other villages design their buildings etc..  Also, it has created an environment of trust with the people in the area and with their government.  This bodes well for future projects and the prospects of success.

Our club is very proud to be a part of this project and we believe Linda Hines is an angel.  Here is her presentation that has a number of pictures, maps and drawings which brings her project to life.  Here is her latest newsletter.

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