Suzy Burke Myers, a member of the Bellevue noon Rotary Club, told us the wonderful story of her philanthropic ventures to help Egyptians in need.  Having grown up there and moving to the US when she was 8, she became interested in  after visiting relatives and being exposed to people in need there.  Her first venture was helping an orphanage where she undertook several projects over a number of years which she primarily funded herself.  Then a much larger request was made.  It was for a cardiac hospital that was built in Alexandria, Egypt. Heart disease is number one cause of deaths in Egypt.   It had been constructed over a period of 8 years, but was not being used because they had no equipment and no money to buy it.  The price tag was one million dollars; $300,000 to get it started.  Long story short, she raised, using her own funds, grants from Rotary Clubs, outside donations, a Rotary Foundation grant plus the donation of equipment from Medtronics and Philips Canada, all which added up to $600,000.  The timeline and financing details are contained in this slide show.  To date, the equipment is installed and training of staff in taking place.  .  Suzy is visiting the Hospital grand opening ceremony December 27.  .The first operation is scheduled for mid January (2017).

During her research regarding the needed equipment, Suzy found a Cardiac surgeon, Dr. Moheb, in Canada who helped her track down the needed equipment and assisted her with contacts in the field.  He has decided to spend one month per year pro bono assisting with operations and training of personnel.

This is a great Rotarian story, and a great personal story!!

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