Daniel Hong – Math – Skyline HS

Daniel, a senior at Skyline, is an accomplished student (near-perfect GPA and SAT score an AP scholar), mathematician (won USA Math Olympiad), musician (plays violin in Evergreen Philharmonic), athlete (Skyline swim team) and is involved in volunteer work with various youth groups and Washington Trails Association.  Daniel is planning to pursue a career in Computer Science.  Here is a summary of Daniel’s accomplishments:

Name of Sponsoring Teacher: Mrs. Shim

Academic Interests:

I’ve always loved math since I was a kid because I was drawn to the fun of problem-solving and the elegance of math proofs. For very similar reasons, I’m interested in computer science in school.

Academic achievements (GPA, SAT scores, IB candidate, National Merit, etc.): I have a GPA of 3.93 and my SAT score is 1530, I’m currently an IB candidate, and I’m also an AP Scholar with Honor.

In June of 2020, I won the USA Math Olympiad, placing me in the top 15 of over 200 of the top high school mathematicians in the US. Junior year was my fourth year qualifying for the Olympiad, from a pool of over 100,000 people each year.

Scholastic activities (class officer, DECA, Athletes for Kids, etc.):

PRIMES-USA math researcher: The PRIMES-USA program is a research program for US high school students that helps high school students get involved in math research. Starting in January of 2020, I researched mathematical programming in a group project under the PRIMES research program, and our group won a silver medal at the Yau High School Research Competition.

Evergreen Philharmonic: Evergreen Philharmonic is a highly selective orchestra in the Issaquah School District. I have played violin in Evergreen for all four years of high school.

Non-academic affiliations (Boy/Girl Scouts, volunteer organizations, etc.):

Co-founder of Pro Delta Math Foundation: In my sophomore year my friend and I founded a math teaching foundation with the goal of spreading the interest of younger students in higher-level problem-solving. We raised money through teaching to donate to BEAM (https://www.beammath.org/) and to COVID-19 relief.

Volunteer crew member at Washington Trails Association: Washington Trails Association is a non-profit community whose goal is to protect hiking trails by making them more sustainable and accessible. I worked as a crew member on week-long work projects in Olympic National Park and Mt. Baker National Forest.

School sports:

Since freshman year, I have been on the Skyline Swim and Dive Team. In sophomore and junior year, I was also on the Skyline Cross Country Team. In both sophomore and junior year, I lettered in varsity swimming and qualified for the Districts invitational meet.


I like to play basketball in my free time. I often play basketball in the afternoon with my dad.

Educational goals (post-graduation school of interest, fields of interest):

I hope to study computer science after high school. Computer science is an interesting field of study because of problem-solving appeals to my inquisitive nature.

Occupational/career goals:

In the future, I hope to pursue a career in computer science. I hope to study more theoretical computer science to be able to contribute to the field of computer science on a more fundamental level, as computer science is the crux of current technological advancement and can be the key to solving many of the world’s problems today.

Optional – tell us something interesting that we wouldn’t normally know about you:

I like to dance to Kpop music songs!

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