Swathi Narayan Math Eastlake HS

Swathi is  a senior at Eastlake HS with a perfect GPA and a National Merit Scholar.  Her scholastic interest and professional goal is math and computer science.  She plays volleyball on Eastlake’s team.  She is president of Eastlake’s DECA chapter.  She has a passion for dance.  The following is a summary of this outstanding young lady’s resume!

Month: December 2020                     Category/Department of Recognition: Math

 Student Name: Swathi Narayan

 Parent/Guardian Name (s): Kavitha Narayan (mom) and Narayan Thiru (dad)

 School: Eastlake High School             Grade Level: 12th Grade

 Name of Sponsoring Teacher: Mr. Gregory Emerson

My favorite subject has always been math for its logical processes!  I love the intersection between math and computer science, which makes them my two favorite subjects.

Academic achievements (GPA, SAT scores, IB candidate, National Merit, etc.):
My cumulative GPA at Eastlake is a 4.0, and my SAT Score from my exam in November of 2019 is a 1550 out of 1600.  I earned a full-score of 1520/1520 on my PSAT, qualifying me as a National Merit Scholar. 

 Scholastic activities (class officer, DECA, Athletes for Kids, etc.):

President of Eastlake DECA Chapter

DECA’s competitive conferences prepare students worldwide to be business leaders. As the President of our 229-member chapter, I lead meetings, plan chapter-wide events, and work with DECA state leaders.  This is my fourth year as a DECA member, and third year in leadership.

President of Girls Who Code at Eastlake

Girls Who Code (GWC) is a national organization empowering young female students to pursue STEM. My high school’s GWC currently has 84 members. As President, I organize our professional panels, plan and lead meetings, and work with GWC’s representatives.

Senior Officer at National Honors Society

National Honors Society at Eastlake has 373 members, valuing scholarship, leadership, community service, and high character.  As a senior officer, I organize and hold service events yearlong, lead monthly meetings, and am responsible for 25 NHS members.

 Non-academic affiliations (Boy/Girl Scouts, volunteer organizations, etc.):

Event Director of Relay for Life of the Eastside

Relay for Life is a subprogram of the American Cancer Society.  As the Event Director, I plan my city’s Relay event, in which participants fundraise yearlong and join in May for the annual 24-hour event.  Last year, my city’s Relay raised more than $20,000, taking 2nd highest in the Western Region.  I’ve been a member for four years, in leadership for three years, and a team captain for two years.

Volunteer Software Developer at Wave Learning Festival

Wave Learning Festival is a startup initiated to establish educational equity in response to the pandemic. I volunteer on the elite developer team of 11 members. I built our student, tutor, and teacher dashboards in our website www.wavelf.org.

Service Lead at The Hope Festival

The Hope Festival is a nonprofit organization that battles homelessness in our county, and was started by an Eastlake HS alumnus in 2017. The youth-led movement provides 1,000 of those in need with necessary supplies from local and company donors.  I currently serve as Service Lead Manager at the Hope Festival, my second year on the Leadership team.

School sports:

I’ve played two sports at Eastlake: volleyball in sophomore year and track and field in freshman and sophomore year.

I was the captain of Eastlake’s girls volleyball C-team in my sophomore year. After years of playing volleyball with my dad, I played for my high school team as a front middle.

In volleyball, I received the Enthusiasm Value Award from my coaches and teammates for my constant optimism and persistence through every loss and win of the season. My teammates nominated me for my positivity and supportive leadership as their team captain, both on and off the court during our 12-week season.


My two biggest passions are dancing and eating!  I’ve been dancing Bharathanatyam, an Indian Classical Dance Form, since age 6. I’m currently the senior-most student at Kala Alaya School of Dance and have performed at the Seattle Celebration of Lights, Northwest Folklife Festival, Redmond Holiday Event, many Hindu Temples, Bellevue Senior Center, and a fashion show, among others.  Eating is another passion of mine and I love trying new foods with my family 😊.

 Educational goals (post graduation school of interest, fields of interest):

I hope to study computer science and business in my post-high school education.

Occupational/career goals:

I hope to pursue computer science in the future.  I know that whatever I go into, I want to make a positive impact in as many lives as I can. This purpose is the most influential in steering me in the direction of computer science. The applicability and widespread impact that technology allows is why I want to be a computer science programmer.

Of Interest:

I can juggle, have lived in foreign countries, etc.

I’m the first grandchild on both sides of my family!

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