Tyler Zangaglia August 27, 2020 Update

by | Sep 1, 2020


It is hard to believe that Tyler is entering his Junior year in college already.  But it is easy to remember why we love him so much.  Here is a report he gave us at our meeting, centered on his continued work with Hopefest, plus a “thank you” picture:  While many of our incredible plans were canceled, the last thing we decided to do amidst the COVID-19 crisis was sit back and think about all our canceled plans. The need in Seattle and surrounding communities was greater than ever, and we knew we had to show up and meet the challenge head-on. We have been working tirelessly to support those in need during this difficult time. We first donated 350 hygiene packs to the Bellevue School District for distribution to those in need at their COVID care centers. We’ve donated ten plus pallets worth of brand-new infant/baby clothes to organizations across Washington State, including local Boys & Girls Clubs, several preschool programs, the immigrant community, homeless shelters across state, and agencies serving single mothers across the Seattle area. Currently, we are using donated fabric to fold hundreds of masks. These masks will be packed in COVID care kits (including food, hygiene supplies, COVID info, and a handwritten letter) and will be given out to those on the streets of downtown Seattle. With homeless shelters full and the virus running rampant in Seattle, the best way to slow the spread is to get masks to those who don’t have them.

I have also attached a thank you Rotary picture collage to this email?


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