Mike Van Schoiack presented information about an adventure trip organized by three Rotarian engineers friends to view the 2017, August 19 Solar Eclipse.  Since one of the best viewing places in the US was near where Mike grew up, he was the prime organizer.  The talk centered on some of the background regarding why and how the trip was organized, but also information about eclipses in general.  Part of the timing for the presentation was to preceed the upcoming lunar eclipse just a few days away.  This post is written after the lunar eclipse, and this photo was taken by Mike of the “blood” moon in totality, a suprise since the weather forecast predicted heavy cloudly conditions.  Somehow the weather gods opened up a hole in the sky just long enough to get a few photos.

Here is a link to the Powerpoint presentation.  The presentation contains notes added to provide most of the informtion presented in the talk, including some added information, plus pictures taken by Mike and a video of the Jan. 20, 2019 lunar eclipse. To view the notes, open up the Power Point presentation and change the “view” to “Notes” view.

Here is a link to a PDF version of our a picture book we assembled for our families entitled “2017 Heppner Eclipse Adventure.”.



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