Acres of Diamonds

The mission at Acres of Diamonds is to help women and their children devastated by homelessness heal, learn life-skills and rebuild their lives as they discover the life they were created for.

From the beginning, Acres of Diamonds has set out to ensure that every homeless woman and child that comes to Acres receives the opportunity to change their story.  Acres supports a much underserved homeless population, where affordable housing is not the immediate need in their lives. We believe that homelessness is not the end of the story for moms and kids that come to Acres, and they have within them all they need to live a full, productive and rewarding life. Their past does not define them. With safety, help and structure, they can stop the cycle of homelessness, addiction and abuse – they can rewrite their story.

Support from the Sammamish Rotary Foundation during the Spring of 2017 created 5 scholarships, allowing families when they enter the program have immediate access to the Uplifting Women & Kids Program, providing a continuum of safety and support services including safe housing, food, personal care items, clothing and classes designed to help with budgeting, parenting, recovery, academics, boundaries and mentoring.  Visit our website to learn more about Acres of Diamonds.

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