Bench, Bruce

Bruce Bench is a 16 year resident of Sammamish, having moved to the Seattle area to assume management of the Northwest for the Universal Music Group, the world’s largest recorded music company. As Regional Director, Bruce was responsible for all sales, marketing, customer and artist relations. Over his music industry career, Bruce has worked with artists as varied as Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, Celine Dion, Diana Krall, George Strait, YoYo Ma and Marilyn Manson, among many, many others.  

After spending a year opening retail record stores (remember them?), Bruce began his music industry career as many more noted entertainment industry figures have done-in the mailroom. In his case, it was during graduate school in Atlanta, for CBS Records. Over the next few years, having left the remainder of grad school to get back in the music industry, rose to the position of Sales Rep in North Carolina, where he was the National Sales Rep of the Year in 1982. After finishing his MBA in 1987, Bruce became Sales Manager for the Midwest region in what was now Sony Music, after CBS Records was acquired by Sony in early 1988. After 8 years in Chicago, Bruce left Sony to open a new company, Proper Distribution, in New York City. After getting Proper off the ground, Bruce was recruited by Universal to open a new office in Detroit and spent the next 3 years in Motown before moving to Seattle.

After 10 years in Seattle, Bruce retired from a 34 year career in the music industry due to a genetic eye condition called choroideremia ( , which causes a gradual loss o peripheral vision leading towards blindness without treatment. 

Bruce has a BA in Business and Economics, with minors in Government and Law and German from Lafayette College. He was in the MBA program at Emory University before going back into music full-time and completed his MBA at Queens University in North Carolina.

Bruce and his wife, Jane, have been married for 28 years and have 3 grown sons. They are avid members of the Sammamish YMCA and Sammamish Presbyterian Church. Bruce is a past Board member and President of the Northwest Art Alliance and has been a VOICE Mentor in the Issaquah School District for the past 7 years.

Bruce stated, “I joined the Sammamish Rotary Club to get more involved in the local community and being a part of Rotary has done that and more. We have a great group of people in the club who are all community minded and embody the Rotary motto of “Service Above Self.” Bruce is this year’s Director of the Nightmare at Beaver Lake and will become President Elect of Sammamish Rotary for the 2017-18 Rotary year. 

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