Hope Village


Since 2009 Songea’s Kids, an all-volunteer nonprofit has partnered with Tanzania NGOs in southern Tanzania to fund basic needs and education of over 140 orphan children in foster homes in Mshangano Village. Now Songea’s Kids is partnering with Rotary Clubs on Eastside lead by our club to improve the lives of vulnerable children and villagers in Lutukira Village and to build Hope Village. The first priority was two wells drilled in 2016 to provide clean water. The second priorities, now underway, are building the Rotary Health Care Center (structure to be completed by July 2018) to serve 2,800 villagers, and implementing the Rotary Grant -Hope Village Clean Water Project. This project includes drilling two more wells, installing three solar pumps, and laying pipe to gravity feed water to all buildings in Hope Village, beginning with the Rotary Health Care Center. Other buildings served will be the Education Center (vocational schools and dormitories), Pre-primary School; and Orphan Care Center for 160 children and their caretakers. Pro bono services to design and implement Hope Village are being provided by Seattle-based architects and engineers working with Tanzania colleagues. The project introduces appropriate technology, provides local jobs, and establishes income-producing projects to fund operations. Eastside Rotary Clubs also participating inc.: Emerald City, Des Moines Normandy, Issaquah, Federal Way, Kent, Freemont, and Seattle 4. Others Rotary Clubs Oklahoma City and District of Santa Jose are in of contributing. 

The Heart and Determination of Linda Hines…

Linda, a resident of Sammamish, on a trip to Africa, fell in love with children she met there.  They had need of basic things we take for granted.  The story about why and how Linda started Songea’s Kids, is compelling.  Our club is very pleased to be working with her because of her success and ability to bring together sources for money, for equipment and tools, donated technical services and village training.  This coupled with her strong leadership has resulted in the establishment of a functioning village that is growing and prospering and with a planned future that we are enthusiastically supporting.

The Goals and Mission of Songea’s Kids Organization

On her website, Linda states that her vision, through Songeas’s Kids, is to mentor and provide seed money to help Tanzanians meet the basic, health and educational needs of their orphaned children.  And she state that the mission is to collaborate with Tanzanian partners to bring life and hope to orphans by establishing self-sustaining programs and building infrastructure such as Hope Village. This approach takes advantage of existing resources available in Tanzania, the efforts of those being served, and of engineering firms donating their time and talent.  Sammamish Rotary, to date, has assisted by granting money to do the drilling of the wells, and purchashing pumps, power sources, piping, etc., and for brick making tools and supplies for building the structures in Hope Village. The videos and stories that follow show the impact Linda’s efforts to bring all of the pieces together is making.  Our club is very proud to support and be a part of the good works she is doing.

Water For Hope Village

Sammamish Rotary provided a significant portion of the funding to dig these wells, and to provide the pumps, etc..  The first try did not produce water, so persistence and a degree of faith were involved in additional funding to try again, which, paid off.  Here is information from Linda’s Songea’s Kids newsletters regarding the search for water and the impact it is having.

Bricks and Buildings


One of the requests of our club was to provide some “emergency funding” for brick making equipment that was needed to build pump houses.  As it turned out, young villagers learned how to make bricks and to build the house structures with them.  It was a new skill which they were able to use as a source of income.



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