Anba Takla Medical Hospital, Alexandria, Egypt

Our club provided a grant to the Anba Takla Medical Hospital, that serves the needs the 5 million people in and surrounding Alexandria, Egypt. Many are in poverty and getting services at a free or reduced rate. This is the second phase is funding a general surgery floor and purchashing bed for the hospital at large, the first was equipping the cartiologly wing of the hospital, see pictures here.   

This project will make a huge impact allowing local doctors as well as medical teams from around the world that donate their services to do surgeries for free or very reduced costs in an updated medical facility.  the hospital is open to all people on a sliding scale basis.  Many would not otherwise have access to this medical care.

This is a project conducted by Suzy Burke Myers, a member of the Maple Valley Rotary club who provided a very large grant for this project. We are doing a in-kind grant swap where in exchange for our club’s grant to Suzy’s project, Maple Valley Rotary made a grant to Sonjea’s Kids project and District 5030 provides matching funds.  Suzy is a very philontrophic person, as can be appreciated here.

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