2018 Songea’s Kids Grant

Our clubs support for Songea’s kids has expanded substantually.  In addition to our substantial grant, Maple Valley is cooperating with our club with an in-kind grant, matched by the district, plus many other clubs have joined our lead including . Eastside Rotary Clubs also participating inc.: Emerald City, Des Moines Normandy, Issaquah, Federal Way, Kent, Freemont, and Seattle 4. Others Rotary Clubs Oklahoma City and District of Santa Jose. These funds will be used for the completion of the Rotary Health Care Center (structure to be completed by June 30) to serve 2,800 villagers, and implementing the Rotary Grant – Hope Village Clean Water Project. This project includes drilling two more wells, installing three solar pumps, and laying pipe to gravity feed water to all buildings in Hope Village, beginning with the Rotary Health Care Center. Other buildings served will be the Education Center (vocational schools and dormitories), Pre-primary School; and Orphan Care Center for 160 children and their caretakers.

Pro bono services to design and implement Hope Village are being provided by Seattle-based architects and engineers working with Tanzania colleagues.. The project introduces appropriate technology, provides local jobs, and establishes income-producing projects to fund operations. Eastside Rotary Clubs also participating inc

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