Issaquah Community Services

The goal of ICS is to give emergency financial aid to local families when a rent, utility or other crisis arises. 

A grant was issued in the Fall of 2016 for eviction avoidance funding. 

A grant was issued in the Spring of 2017 to fund basic needs, emergency assistance and strategic planning.

A grant was issued in the Fall of 2017 to fund emergency assistance to prevent homelessness.

A grant was issued in the Fall of 2018 to provide emergency basic needs assistance.

ICS provides emergency basic needs assistance to low-income families in the Issaquah School District to prevent evictions and utility shut off.  This project works directly with the family in need and the vendors to make payment on behalf of the client.

Volunteers do intake, speaking face to face with residents at risk of becoming homeless to assess their immediate basic needs; maintain office hours with volunteers in order to do so;  provide a means for third party interaction with vendors to discuss payments for past due service; directly impact the financial crisis of the family by paying overdue rents which if left unpaid, will result in eviction; relieve stress by offering referrals to appropriate entities that can also help families in crisis.  By keeping detailed financial data and demographic information ICS can raise community awareness by making reports (as requested) to the cities we serve. The GOAL is to create a community where every family is secure and warm in some housing situation.

Here are the slides used for the presentation provided during our Feb. 7, 2019 meeting.

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