Attain Housing

Since 1989, Attain Housing has provided transitional housing, case management and support services for families with children facing homelessness.

Attain Housing’s mission is to reduce homelessness and hunger in King County. With 33 apartments in East King County, our transitional housing program is our largest program. Last year we housed 46 families, with 81 children. The majority of our families are headed by single mothers escaping from domestic violence or immigrant families seeking refuge from war-torn countries.

Attain Housing does more than provide a safe place to live. Our case managers, experts at working with homeless families and survivors of violence, provided over 1,203 hours of one-on-one support last year to ensure that folks leave better equipped to be self-sufficient than when they arrived. Families learn about resources in the community, enroll in classes to improve job and personal skills, and learn how to advocate for themselves.

This period of rebuilding is critical for survivors of violence. Many have been socially and geographically isolated from friends, family, and employment. Most lack a credit history, move-in funds or even a bank account. Importantly, they and their children have to first heal from physical and emotional abuse to establish a foundation for a healthy future.

To learn more about Attain Housing’s work with families experiencing homelessness on the Eastside, or to volunteer, please visit their website.

Fall 2017 support from Sammamish Rotary was used to fund Attain Housing’s Family Housing Program.

Fall 2018 support from Sammamish Rotary will be used help house five homeless families with children and to provide case management and support services for 1 month.

Our objectives for the 2019 are:  1) At least 85% of families served will secure permanent housing after leaving our transitional housing program.   2) At least a 75% increase in average income from the time of entry to the time of exiting the program.   3) 75% of exiting clients will be employed.

A 2020 grant was used to provide stable homes.

Here is an Attain Housing brochure:

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