Athletes For Kids

Athletes for Kids is an organization with a program focused upon building supportive, mentoring relationships between high school athletes and children who have disabilities and special needs of all kinds.  Funding used for Youth Development and Training Equipment.

A grant was provided Spring and fall of 2018 for Youth Mentoring public relations and program awareness.  The fall grant is for marketing equipment as summarized here:

“AFK Youth Mentoring is in need of marketing equipment in order to promote AFK consistently and to maintain communication with past, current and future mentors and buddy families. The equipment we are requesting is a laminator that we will be using for buddy emergency cards, laminating flyers for display at high school career centers, health care provider offices and special education classrooms. A video camera that we will be using for filming videos of our mentors and buddies to showcase them at our events and social media channels, a “Filmmaking on a microbudget class” to train our Data and Development Coordinator to make the videos (for example our annual auction video and mentor celebration videos) and finally a color printer that we will be using for printing our marketing materials such as: Birthday Postcards (personalized birthday postcards for AFK buddies) brochures, flyers and alumni communication. In the past this printing has been down at a vendor outside of the office but this can be costly and time prohibitive.”

A 2020 grant was used to provide staff laptops.

Here is an Athletes for Kids brochure:


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