The Bottenbergs – Hurricane Relief Volunteers

Norm and Joyce Bottenberg, both lifetime Red Cross volunteers, have been called to duty to help with Hurricane Irma.  Norm has been called to be on standby to go to South Carolina or the Virgin Islands and Joyce is working at the Kent Red Cross office.  They not only got a call from the Red Cross, but also from King 5 news who came to their house and video taped an interview which aired on the evening news.  

We are glad and proud to have the Bottenbergs as members of our club!

Update:  Norm did get a call and ended up in Houston, Texas, helping victims of Hurricane Harvey.  His duty is to lead one of many teams that feeds people located in various shelters around the city.  There are four volunteers on each team.  The arrive at 7:00 AM each morning at the Red Cross center in Houston, get their “marching orders”, then go to a Presbyterian College that prepares 200,000 meals each day.  Each team has a van, Fed X size, which they load and drive from one shelter to another, until 7:00 PM.  This is approximately 300 miles each day and Norm is the driver.  Norm’s copilot is a volunteer from New York.  They share a room in a motel about 30 miles North of Houston, so their day starts about 6 AM and ends at 8 PM.  Norm says the effort is very rewarding and he is loving it!

2nd Update:  Norm will be giving a talk about Disaster Relief to the Club.

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