Thank You Letters!!

Jul 14, 2020

This link is a pdf of letters we have recently received that remind us why we are members of this club. and here is a letter from one of our scholarship winners:

Dear Rotarians,

As I am stuck in my house for weeks on end I find it much easier to get through this time period by looking forward to my college experience this fall and by know that I have the full support of my community. Both of these privileges are made possible by the Sammamish Rotary Club. The Sammamish Rotary Scholarship not only helps me attend my dream college, but also confirms that my time spent in service and leadership are appreciated by my community. For that, I will be ever grateful. At the meeting I attended, I learned that you all work very hard to be able to award these scholarships. Your contributions to the community are inspiring. You inspire me to take any chance I get to foster community spirit and take care of my neighbors – and one day this may consist of joining a Rotary club myself.

Thank you for your generosity and I can assure that receiving this gift is the best motivation for me to keep giving.
Josh Wolters


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