Nightmare Update

Oct 26, 2017

Tomorrow we are heading into the final days of our Nightmare,  Not knowing our status, I asked  Bruce Bench, the man in charge for an update.  He sent me this report:

“I don’t have a dollar figure as yet.  What I can tell you is that we’ve had 6889 patrons to date, including a remarkable 1225 last Saturday during the monsoon rain storm. With absolutely perfect “Halloween” weather these last 5 days, I realistically expect 7000 additional patrons (2500 each Friday and Saturday, 1000 Sunday and 1000 combined Monday and Halloween night.

We had our actor’s award for the first “pee in the pants” victim on the first Sunday-much earlier than last year!

We’ve also had an unwanted guest in the Lodge-a brown squirrel who ate much of our candy, an entire bag of Chips Ahoy cookies and the candy from a Microsoft gift basket. Unfortunately, as he’s an endangered species, we can’t…….eliminate him. Our best bet is that he expires from a diabetic coma!”

Many patrons passing through the Facebook booth, where I’ve been working, say this is the best Nightmare ever!  However, Bruce, earlier in the week gave this warning:  “We are in the home stretch for Nightmare 2017….  I expect 7000 patrons to come through the gates. To make that work, we need as much help as we can get. Many of your fellow Rotarians have worked each and every night and will continue that service through Halloween and beyond. Some of you have worked these first two weekends and we thank you for that. If you haven’t signed up for these last days, I URGE you to do so. We need your help-please log into Cervis and add your name to multiple nights this last stretch.

Thanks once again…..we’re almost there!”

We have the potential to break records this year!



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