Nightmare – #9 Best Attraction in US

by | Apr 9, 2018

Well, that’s how I read it anyway. The‘s “2018’s Best Places to Visit” ranked Sammamish as number 9. Leading the reasons was, guess what: Nightmare at Beaver Lake! Well, actually, they called it Beaver Creek. Here’s what it had to say:  “If you’re visiting during the Halloween season (and you like being scared), you’ll probably want to check out the Nightmare at Beaver Creek. It’s the Seattle area’s largest indoor/outdoor haunted house, and locals say it’s a fun – and frightening – attraction that’s worth the $12-$20 price of admission,”  And the article links to our Nightmare web page!  And number two on the list was “Concerts in the Park”. If only they had contacted one of us, we could have told them they one could take it all in just by coming to one of our club meetings. And they could have attracted even more attention by talking to Paul and learning that Nightmare at Beaver Lake is the biggest scare in the WORLD!! by a lake named after a rodent. How many extra thousand should we plan for this year????


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