Habitat for Humanity Project

Mar 17, 2018

On March 17th there were seven Sammamish Rotarians that participated. Kristina Williams, Larry Williams, Cary Young, George Schweizer, Steve Bozick, Ken Gamblin and myself.  George Schweizer had to leave at noon. There were several other volunteers from other organizations. We met and gathered at 9:00 to receive our briefing and safety procedures. We were then divided into several groups with a Habitat leader for each group. Our duties were varied. We hammered nails, relocated wood scraps, swept houses, walks, stairs and parking lot, repaired the perimeter fence and shoveled gravel. At noon they set up tables in the parking lot and we ate lunches we brought with us. The workday ended around 3:45 and not a second too soon! It was a very busy day and we were all pretty much exhausted when it ended but went away with a feeling of satisfaction.   Paul Patterson




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