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5030 Conference “Opening Doors to Rotary” Excerpt

Rotary Club of Sammamish contributed mightily to this year’s District 5030’s accomplishments as listed in this 2017/18) district conference – Opening Doors to Rotary summary:

  • It’s been a tremendous year for Community Service, providing more than $70,000 in grants to area charities, benefiting more than 20 nonprofit organizations with donations for hunger relief, affordable housing and mental wellness, each affecting youth, seniors, and other in-need populations.


  • Anba Takla Medical Hospital, Alexandria, Egypt

    Our club provided a grant to the Anba Takla Medical Hospital, that serves the needs the 5 million people in and surrounding Alexandria, Egypt. Many are in poverty and getting services at a free or reduced rate. This is the second phase is funding a general surgery floor and purchashing bed for the hospital at large, the first was equipping the cartiologly wing of the hospital, see pictures here.    (more…)

    2018 Songea’s Kids Grant

    Our clubs support for Songea’s kids has expanded substantually.  In addition to our substantial grant, Maple Valley is cooperating with our club with an in-kind grant, matched by the district, plus many other clubs have joined our lead including . Eastside Rotary Clubs also participating inc.: Emerald City, Des Moines Normandy, Issaquah, Federal Way, Kent, Freemont, and Seattle 4. Others Rotary Clubs Oklahoma City and District of Santa Jose. These funds will be used for the completion of the Rotary Health Care Center (structure to be completed by June 30) to serve 2,800 villagers, and implementing the Rotary Grant – Hope Village Clean Water Project. This project includes drilling two more wells, installing three solar pumps, and laying pipe to gravity feed water to all buildings in Hope Village, beginning with the Rotary Health Care Center. Other buildings served will be the Education Center (vocational schools and dormitories), Pre-primary School; and Orphan Care Center for 160 children and their caretakers. (more…)

    Nightmare – #9 Best Attraction in US

    Well, that’s how I read it anyway. The‘s “2018’s Best Places to Visit” ranked Sammamish as number 9. Leading the reasons was, guess what: Nightmare at Beaver Lake! Well, actually, they called it Beaver Creek. Here’s what it had to say:  “If you’re visiting during the Halloween season (and you like being scared), you’ll probably want to check out the Nightmare at Beaver Creek. It’s the Seattle area’s largest indoor/outdoor haunted house, and locals say it’s a fun – and frightening – attraction that’s worth the $12-$20 price of admission,”  And the article links to our Nightmare web page!  And number two on the list was “Concerts in the Park”. If only they had contacted one of us, we could have told them they one could take it all in just by coming to one of our club meetings. And they could have attracted even more attention by talking to Paul and learning that Nightmare at Beaver Lake is the biggest scare in the WORLD!! by a lake named after a rodent. How many extra thousand should we plan for this year????


    Days For Girls International

    Our speaker today, Carol Hendricks, with Jennifer Barthels, introduced our club to the Days For Girls International non-profit organization.  They have a compelling story with a slideshow that explained how Carol met Nicki, a girl in Swazi, inciting her to become involved with the organization.  She started the Snoqualmie Chapter of DFGI and in 4 years, completed 33 distribution of over 2000 kits to schools and communities throughout Swaziland.  (more…)

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