2018 Nightmare at Beaver Lake Schedule

Sunday, June 10

Saturday, Sept 15

Saturday, Sept 15

Sunday, Sept 16

Monday, Sept 17

Saturday, Sept 22

Friday, Sept 28

Saturday, Sept 29

Monday, Oct 1

Saturday, Oct 6

Sunday, Oct 7

Wednesday, Oct 10

Thursday, Oct 11

Friday, Oct 12

Oct 12-14

Oct 19-21

Oct 26-28

Oct 30 & 31

Thursday, Nov 1



Saturday, Nov 3

Sunday, Nov 4

Tuesday, Nov 6

Wednesday, Nov 7

Friday, Nov 9

Tuesday, Nov 13

Volunteer Picnic

Flats Drop in Parking Lot/Scarenet & Lighting Setup

Volunteer Training @ BL Lodge, 1:30-3:30 PM

Volunteer Training @ BL Lodge, 1:30-3:30 PM

City drops flats on the Trail

First day in the Park-construction begins

Fence Drop at Pavilion

MOVING DAY! Flats delivery/construction begins

First day in the Lodge

Actor Training 11AM-3PM

Actor Training 11AM-3PM

Operations Rehearsal

Dedication/Dress Rehearsal/Press Night

First day of the show!




Last two days of the show

Deconstruction begins

Big Dumpster Delivery

Out of the Lodge by Midnight

Replace Dumpster by 9AM

Moving Day! Flats from Pavilion to Church

Last Day in the Pavilion

Fence Pickup

Out of the Park

Last day in the Parking Lot

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